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Inspiration and positivity for ambitious women with chronic illness
Coaching and support for ambitious women with chronic illness

What is The Chronic Wellness Project?

The Chronic Wellness Project is a place where women who refuse to be defined by their chronic illness can come together to encourage and inspire each other, as they each embark on their own individual Chronic Wellness Project.

After diagnosis of a chronic illness, many women find themselves coping with their situation alone, without any a real source of support. Existing online spaces can be negative and draining, and even well-meaning family and friends can have difficulty understanding the challenge of managing an ongoing condition.

At the onset of their chronic illness, lots of women are told to go home, it’s all your head, and must quickly become an expert in their own condition just to function day to day.

The founder of The Chronic Wellness Project, Melissa, is a trained nurse and business owner, with a passion for helping other women cope with chronic illness. She shares the things she’s learnt on her own journey to wellness, including the practical aspects, like supporting your immune system and managing energy levels, and the mindset shifts that help you accept your new normal and realise your potential.

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Melissa Turner - founder of The Chronic Wellness Project

Hi, I’m Melissa

After suddenly becoming unwell in 2015, I found myself barely able to get out of bed for weeks at a time. Despite hospital admissions and numerous tests, doctors couldn’t find a reason for my debilitating symptoms and sent me home. I knew there was something wrong, but I realised I had to rely on myself to find a way to get well.

Fast forward a few years and my life is now unrecognisable.

I eventually received a diagnosis, learnt of the many factors that affect wellbeing, and overhauled my lifestyle, including leaving a demanding career as a nurse and starting my own business.

I found a balance between managing my chronic illness and living the life I want – and you can too.

Your chronic wellness project can be
broken down into 3 parts

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Learning to Accept your condition and manage your new normal

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Reconnect with who you really are and find sources of true positivity and support

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Create your new life, exactly how you want it to be

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