The Coaching Process


I know that some people hesitate to seek out coaching because they’re just not quite sure what actually happens during the process. How many sessions will you need? What will you talk about? Will you feel pressured into signing up?

Every coach is different – and that’s a good thing! It means you can find the perfect person for you. Someone who you gel with and feel comfortable opening up to. To help you get a feel for what happens if you choose me as your coach, let me explain a bit about the process.


Your 6-week coaching programme is led by you. This is the space and time to explore your thoughts and feelings, and you can take the sessions in any direction that feels right at the time.

You’ll often find that issues crop up as we go and you might find the conversation going in different directions than you thought it would. This is completely normal. 

Often, when an unexpected topic of conversation comes up, it is because it has some connection to the situation you find yourself in now, even if that’s not clear at first. We will never discuss anything that you’re not comfortable with and you have complete control over what you bring to the sessions.

Having an open mind about any issues that come up can help you uncover subconscious beliefs or thought patterns that are holding you back or causing you to feel stuck.

All that said, we will follow a loose structure during the sessions, and for the programme overall, so that we stay in the coaching space and help you identify and achieve your goals.


Initial discovery call

Our first call will be an informal chat to meet each other and explore whether we are a good fit to work together. You will have the chance to explain what has brought you to coaching and what you hope to achieve from your sessions, and I can talk you through the process and how coaching works. 

I am committed to making an impact for my clients, so at the end of our call, I will let you know if I think I am the right person to help you move forward. You don’t have to make a decision there and then, you are welcome to think about it and let me know whether you would like us to work together after our call. 

The relationship between client and coach is one of the elements that makes coaching so powerful. If after our chat, you feel unsure about continuing, please don’t feel awkward about saying so – perhaps it’s not the right time, or we are not quite the right match. There will be no hard feelings and it’s better that you have time to think and explore other options before committing if you’re not sure.


The 6-week coaching programme

If you decide to proceed with coaching, you will receive a programme of 6 coaching sessions. At the end of the 6 sessions, you can choose to extend the programme if you want to continue your coaching journey.

In the first coaching session, the work starts. We’ll get clear on your goals and what you want to achieve from your 6 sessions of coaching. 



At the start of every coaching call, we’ll decide on a goal for that session and review how you are progressing overall.

As we move through the sessions, you might find that your goals change, either because you’re achieving them and need to set new goals, or because you are discovering new things about yourself and rethink your goals as a result. That’s completely normal and something we can explore as we go.

Part of my job as your coach is to spot negative thought patterns or behaviours and gently challenge you on them if appropriate. This is always done with good intentions and only if I think it may help to introduce a new perspective. Of course, you don’t have to answer anything that you don’t want to. You are always in control of the sessions.

This is a taste of the coaching process, but if you have any questions, get in touch!


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